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What You Should Know About Fall At Work Claims

atlanta-workers-compensation-attorneyBeing injured while on the job can be a very stressful situation.  You do not want to injure the relationship with the company that provides you with your income, and yet you deserve compensation when you are hurt and it is clearly their fault.  If you have recently been injured on the job, or just like to know your rights, the information below will help you.

More than one-fifth of the claims filed against employers for injuries are fall at work claims.  The results of a fall can range from simple bruising and muscle soreness to severe breaks and even brain damage.  Regardless of your level of injury, it is the law that you should be compensated for your time off of the job as well as any medical expenses that have been incurred.

It is essential that you report your injuries immediately to your employer.  If they do not send you to be checked out by a medical professional at that time you should express to them that you wish to have it done.  Documenting exactly what happened and what injuries you are facing will go a long way if you are forced to take your case to court.

Once you have been seen by a medical professional you should seek the advice of an attorney.  Fall at work claims can be handled at times without their help, but ensuring that you have the right information is important so that you know what kind of compensation that you deserve.  With many injuries you may feel fine at first, only to realize days later that some long term damage to your body has occurred.

If the attorneys that you consult agree that you should have professional representation you should adhere to that advice.  They are experienced in these types of cases and know when you may be facing a bigger situation than you can handle on your own.  From there you should pick from a few different options by finding out who has the best reputation for winning their cases and being completely honest.

You can determine this by looking for reviews of their firms online as well as by asking anyone that you know that has been hurt at work who they used.  You definitely do not want to hire the firm with the biggest ad or the fanciest office.  These are not determinants of whether or not they treat all their cases the same way.  Take time to do research to get the best results in your personal situation.

Now that you have read the information above you know that there is a good amount that you must do in order to get the compensation you deserve in a worker’s compensation case.  Follow the above advice so that you are treated fairly by your employer.  As long as you do this, you should get the money that you deserve for your medical expenses, time missed at work and any suffering that you may have endured.

Contact an Atlanta Workers Compensation Lawyer for assistance if you have been injured on the job.

Specialists: Pill-popping truckers increase crash threat on the road

Highly-addictive pain relievers such as Vicodin can slow down reaction time and increase the danger of a crash, according to transportation security professionals.

However they are legal for industrial truck motorists to take, as long as a medical professional says it’s fine.

And that is anything however all right for accident victims.

“I should not be here speaking to you today,” stated Latasha Allen “due to the fact that my injuries were so devastating.”

Allen was going to an early-morning work call on Highway 59 North of Porter, when a Kroger 18-wheeler motorist unsafely changed lanes and dragged her Smart automobile along the center concrete typical.

“The whole back of this car is entirely gone,” a 911 caller told dispatchers of the Jan. 4, 2014 crash.

“You can fall victim in just a second, and you’re whole life is turned upside down easily,” Allen stated.

“I’m extremely mad, I’m really angry,” she said.

That anger was magnified after discovering the trucker had a history of using Vicodin. Allen is suing the trucker and his company, Kroger.

Rob Ammons is her lawyer.

I-Team: “The number of pills are we talking?”

Ammons: “Refill after refill after refill.”

While it’s unclear whether the trucker was on Vicodin at the time of the crash, the suit competes the trucker was recommended 1300 tablets over the previous year, and was addicted to them.

“In the record itself, the physician composes ‘Vicodin is a no-no,'” Ammons stated.

However in the claim, Ammons contends that ‘no-no’ alerting from the driver’s Department of Transportation-required physical examination never made it back to Kroger, and the trucker kept on driving.

“Kroger’s policy in regards to its truck motorists and prescription drugs is one of ‘do not ask, don’t tell,” Ammons states in the suit.

And, do not test. By law, business are not required to check their motorists for prescription drugs. And what about the government? Turns out, while truckers go through random drug screening to keep their license to drive, it’s only for things like cocaine, cannabis, methamphetamine, and PCP, not for prescription medications.

“We understand that those are on a regular basis over-prescribed,” according to Dr. Mitchell Garber that’s a real issue.

As a Medical Officer for the National Transport Safety Board, Dr. Garber has actually been associated with more than 1500 accident investigations. He also is a Senior Managing Consultant with Engineering Systems, Inc., a clinical investigation and analysis company.

“We see an increased crash threat,” Dr. Garber said. “We in fact see when we take a look at the numbers of individuals involved in crashes, we see an increase in the variety of crashes as a result of the use of these medications.”

Near San Antonio, a trucker crossed the center line and eliminated a man, later on confessing he was in Narcotics Anonymous for issues with the pain reliever Lortab. In Phoenix, a fiery crash ended in 2nd degree murder charges against a trucker who was presumably on the muscle relaxant Soma. And near Milwaukee, a truck driver pleaded guilty to car homicide by regulated substance while on pain relievers.

But while Dr. Garber and other medical professionals are pushing for harder laws on prescription medication use behind the wheel, he stated no major changes are on the instant horizon.

“Clearly the wheels frequently grind gradually and sadly individuals are getting hurt and killed in the interim,” Dr. Garber stated.

Latasha Allen is living proof.

“It’s a long journey,” Allen stated, holding back tears. “I just hope that the government will certainly take a more detailed look, make these companies be more responsible, be more responsible.”

Kroger stated it does not discuss pending litigation, however in the lawsuit the company says the trucker was never ever accuseded of driving under the impact.

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Semi-truck driver associated with fatal crash accuseded of manslaug

MURRAY COUNTY – The semi-truck motorist implicated of triggering a crash that eliminated four members of a Texas college softball team has actually formally been charged.

Russell Wayne Staley of Saginaw, Texas is accuseded of 4 counts of Manslaughter in the first degree.

On September 26, 2014, the North Central Texas College ladies’s softball group was returning home from a game versus Southern Nazarene University in Bethany. They were driving southbound on I-35 when a semi-truck heading northbound jumped the median and collided with the group’s bus. He then took a trip another 300 feet prior to lastly coming to a stop.

The motorist Staley was going 70 miles per hour at the time of the crash. He informed NTSB investigators that he was sidetracked by something in his truck preceeding the crash.

Three members of the softball team died at the scene; 19-year-old Meagan Richardson, 18-year-old Katelynn Woodlee, and 20-year-old Jaiden Pelton. A 4th teammate, 20-year-old Brooke Deckard later passed away from her injuries at the health center. 11 other players were injured in the crash.

The family of one girl who was hurt in the crash has filed a lawsuit against the trucking business, Quickway Carriers, and Staley. A Dallas firm submitted the fit on behalf of Rachel Hitt.

Staley was charged in court on Thursday, June 25. He is next arranged to appear in court for a preliminary hearing conference on July 28.

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Have you Been Denied Veterans Impairment Benefits?

As an attorney accredited to prosecute claims for veterans’ advantages prior to the Department of Veterans Affairs, I wish to make you aware that you have the absolute right to maintain a lawyer to represent you before the Department of Veterans Affairs. A Veteran can be represented by an attorney when he or she gets an official denial of benefits, however not before that time. A lawyer can not charge a fee for support in the prep work of the Veteran’s application for compensation.
It is essential to bear in mind that you must show 3 things to be successful in obtaining a service connected disability award and get payment.
Initially, you have to show that you had an occasion that triggered your disability while you were in service. Of course, you have to be a veteran who was released under conditions aside from dishonorable, so it is best to have your DD214 form for your lawyer to evaluate. You are likewise entitled to payment if an occasion that happened in the service exacerbated a pre-existing condition. Remember that while most medical conditions become apparent right after the occasion takes place, some medical conditions may not appear to be disabling until many years after military service. You can still sue for these late occurring conditions.
The 2nd requirement is that you must have an existing impairment when you get your VA disability advantages. If you do not have an existing disability, you will certainly not be qualified to receive advantages. This suggests that you have to have a medical professional identify you with an existing medical condition, relevant to your military service, at the time you in fact get the advantages. If you had a medical condition while you were in the service, and you recuperated from it entirely prior to you get advantages, you will certainly not be qualified.
Finally, there need to be a link in between the present medical condition and the event that occurred while you were in the service. The best method to show that you have a service associated special needs is by showing that you had medical treatment for a condition while you were in the military, and that you still suffer from the condition when you apply for VA disability benefits. Disabilities can be mental and/or physical. There are some conditions where you might not have actually had any actual treatment when you were in the military, and the impairment took place later after discharge. This is acceptable as long as you have a doctor who can document that your activities in the military caused your present medical or physical disability. An example of this type of special needs is Post Traumatic Anxiety Condition, which often occurs at a later time.
There are particular conditions that are presumed to be from military service and do not need to be shown as service associated. One example would consist of cases where the Veteran was exposed to Representative Orange during the Vietnam or Korean wars. Another would consist of certain medical conditions associated with service in the Persian Gulf War.
If you have added concerns about your right to Veterans’ Disability Conveniences, do not hesitate to offer us a call to discuss your choices.

New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Benefits Unraveled

New Jersey workers’ payment advantages are governed under N.J.S.A. 34:15 et seq. There are 3 benefits you are entitled to when you get hurt at work in New Jersey: payment of medical expenses, payment of momentary impairment advantages or wage replacement and payment of an award of long-term disability. I will certainly attend to each of these in a series of blogs.
This is the very first in a series of three blogs. With regard to the payment of medical costs, the statute requires the company to supply medical treatment that is sensible, required and related to your mishap which is developed to treat your condition. You are NOT allowed to look for treatment with your medical care doctor or specialist without the prior permission and approval of your employer and their employees’ payment provider. Your company is also obliged to pay 100 % of the bills. There are no deductibles, co-pays, or out of pocket expenditures, including prescribed medications and any other medical devices recommended by the authorized doctor. Missing any obvious damaged bones or other important medical conditions, your treatment will usually start with conservative treatment which might include rest and prescribed medications. If your symptoms do not enhance, you might be referred for diagnostic tests to help the physician arrive at a diagnosis. You may also be referred for physical therapy to aid minimize your symptoms. If that fails, you might then be referred to an expert. This procedure might take weeks or months.
At some time in the process the licensed medical professionals will certainly indicate that your condition is as good as it is getting or optimal medical improvement. When this happens, the carrier’s commitment to you ends, even if you are not back to normal. You are not entitled to extra treatment that is not developed to cure your condition, even if that treatment may make you feel a whole lot better. Nevertheless, there are some restricted conditions under which you may be qualified for ongoing medical care and you ought to look for legal recommendations to determine if you fall within those exceptions. If you are still having grievances and problems, you will then be entitled to additional benefits which will be address in this blog series. At Stark & & Stark, our skilled attorneys and legal personnel can help you understand your rights. Kindly call us to arrange your free, no obligation consultation.

How Do I Appeal the Rejection of Armed force Service Connected Special needs Conveniences and Do I Required an Attorney?

Home > > Injury Law > > How Do I Appeal the Denial of Armed force Service Connected Disability Perks and Do I Required a Lawyer? Veterans service-connected impairment benefits are frequently rejected or granted at the inaccurate rating or date of special needs. If you discover yourself in this position, you deserve to an appeal and you maximize your possibilities of winning if you are represented by a lawyer.
You can discover a list of VA recognized attorneys here. An accredited lawyer has been screened by the VA for character and fitness, has actually been trained to represent disabled veterans, and is required to take part in added training to preserve accreditation every 2 years. Since appeals can take 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 years to process, lawyers costs are based upon advantages they acquire on your behalf and paid out of your past due advantages.

There are numerous steps to the appeal process. The initial claim is filed with the VA Regional Office that is closest to your residence. If your claim is denied, or you disagree with the rating appointed or date of impairment, you may contest that choice by submitting a Notification of Difference (NOD) within one year of the rating choice. Once you have filed approval, you can choose to have your claim reviewed by a senior level examiner or Decision Evaluation Officer (DRO) at the Regional Workplace, or you can choose the Traditional Review Process (TRP).
A DRO appeal has an additional step where you can send New Product Proof or present evidence of a Clear and Apparent Error where either the facts/evidence were incorrect or the law was incorrectly used. While this is an extra step, it might lead to advantages being given and paid much sooner. If you are rejected right here or if you chose the TRP, the RO will provide a Statement of the Case. You need to file an appeal (VA Type 9) within 60 days with the Board of Veterans Appeals, BVA, which lies in Washington, DC. At this level in the appeal process there is a hearing. The hearing can happen at the BVA workplaces in Washington, DC, at a “travel” board hearing in the local workplace, or live video-conferencing from the local workplaces with the major office in DC. If the claim is still rejected the next level of appeal must be submitted within 120 days to the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC). No new proof will be thought about at this level. The next appeal has to be filed within 60 days to the goes to the Federal Circuit Court then the United States Supreme Court, if approval is given.
At Stark & & Stark, we are dedicated to aiding handicapped veterans through this process and have VA accredited attorneys readily available for free examinations in our Lawrenceville and Marlton workplaces. We look forward to dealing with you.

Injuries Dued to Trampolines Due to Neglect

Now that summer is practically here, it is time to advise everyone of a crucial topic: trampoline mishaps. Although they can be fun, trampolines also can be very unsafe, specifically if several people are making use of one at the same time. Trampoline accidents have resulted in life-changing injuries to adults and children alike. Such mishaps can trigger spinal cord injuries, fractures, and in some cases even death.
In one current case, a 10-year old child sustained significant injuries while playing on a backyard trampoline with a buddy. The ladies were playing a game called “popcorn” where the victim sat on the trampoline and her pal got on it, propelling the victim into the air. Throughout the video game, the victim landed awkwardly on her left leg, fracturing it. She was diagnosed with a fracture to the development plate of the left distal femur and went through medical external fixation with a pin. Roughly 3 years later on, when she experienced a development spurt, the development plate in the left leg failed to grow. This resulted in the knee being bowed and the left leg having to do with two inches shorter than the best leg. Sadly, additional surgical treatments to lengthen her left leg and stop the growth in her ideal leg did not fix the concern. Her medical costs were roughly $60,000, and she may go through a second procedure to extend her leg, at an expense of about $90,300. Future costs for discomfort management, counseling, and physical and occupational treatment are estimated at almost $225,000.
The hurt girl’s mom sued the property owner who possessed the trampoline, alleging that he was irresponsible in failing to monitor the women. The plaintiffs asserted that the accused house owner misplaced the ladies after they entered his home which he later on saw them on the trampoline however failed to inform them to stop utilizing it. The women affirmed that the accused saw them on the trampoline however said nothing. The offender argued that he did not understand the ladies were on the trampoline. He failed a cross-complaint versus the women’ mothers, alleging that they were negligent for failing to supervise them. The celebrations settled prior to trial for $750,000, which was paid by the offender property owner’s insurance policy.
At Stark & & Stark, we have actually represented individuals who have actually been hurt in accidents on trampolines, amusement parks, roller skating rinks, and in other recreational activities. If you or someone you know has been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence in among these types of activities, contact legal counsel instantly to identify your rights.

James Creegan, Esq. Chosen as New Leader of bench

Stark & & Stark would like to praise Investor James Creegan, member of the company’s Employees’ Compensation Group, for being chosen as one of the New Jersey Law Journal’s “2015 New Leaders of bench,” a list of the leading 50 attorneys who “represent a new wave of leadership in the New Jersey legal profession.”.
After being picked James stated, “It’s always good to be recognized for the effort you put towards clients and community. I’m extremely lucky to work at a firm with a strong culture of mentoring and promoting the development of its lawyers.”.
Elections were sent to the Law Journal by the New Jersey legal local and all nominations were reviewed and selected by a “seven-member judging panel made up of critics from all corners of the legal profession and around the state of New Jersey.”.
To see the complete list of attorneys, kindly click on this link.

Claim expected in teenager'' s death after I-75 wreck

Boy passes away after collapsing at summer season camp
Kid dies after collapsing at summer season camp

Updated: Wednesday, June 10 2015 7:35 PM EDT2015-06-10 23:35:44 GMT

NORTH MIAMI, Fla.– A 10-year-old boy has passed away after going to a city-run summer season camp, Wednesday.

NORTH MIAMI, Fla.– A 10-year-old boy has actually died after going to a city-run summer season camp, Wednesday.

Lawsuit expected in teen’s death after I-75 wreck
Claim anticipated in teenager’s death after I-75 wreck

Updated: Wednesday, June 10 2015 6:33 PM EDT2015-06-10 22:33:22 GMT

CORAL GABLES, Fla.– A lawsuit is expected to be submitted on behalf of a teenager who passed away in a multi-vehicle crash just days after graduating high school.

CORAL GABLES, Fla.– A claim is anticipated to be filed on behalf of a teenager who passed away in a multi-vehicle crash just days after graduating high school.

2 hospitalized after automobile explodes in salvage backyard
2 hospitalized after vehicle explodes in salvage lawn

Updated: Wednesday, June 10 2015 4:04 PM EDT2015-06-10 20:04:23 GMT

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.– Officials said a photographer and a model have actually been hospitalized with burns after an image shoot at a South Florida salvage yard went terribly wrong.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.– Officials said a professional photographer and a design have actually been hospitalized with burns after an image shoot at a South Florida salvage lawn went horribly incorrect.

Pot decriminalization law proposed in South Florida
Pot decriminalization law proposed in South Florida

Updated: Wednesday, June 10 2015 6:51 PM EDT2015-06-10 22:51:23 GMT

MIAMI– Walking around with 20 grams of cannabis was known to trigger an arrest in Miami-Dade County, however on Wednesday, Miami Beach and Miami-Dade County commissioners considered a modification for the punishment.

MIAMI– Strolling around with 20 grams of cannabis was known to trigger an arrest in Miami-Dade County, but on Wednesday, Miami Beach and Miami-Dade County commissioners considered a change for the penalty.

Protest held against boy’s circumcision
Object held versus boy’s circumcision

Updated: Wednesday, June 10 2015 6:51 PM EDT2015-06-10 22:51:06 GMT

Activists protesting in front of Joe DiMaggio Children's HospitalActivists protesting in front of Joe DiMaggio Kid’s Medical facility

HOLLYWOOD, Fla.– A group of protestors came together Wednesday to protest on behalf of a 4-year-old kid who, they said, will certainly be circumcised against the desires of his mother, who was placed behind bars after she attempted to avoid the procedure.

HOLLYWOOD, Fla.– A group of lobbyists came together Wednesday to object on behalf of a 4-year-old kid who, they said, will be circumcised versus the wishes of his mom, who was placed behind bars after she attempted to prevent the treatment.

North Miami High principal eliminated after discuss authorities debate
North Miami High primary gotten rid of after discuss cops controversy

Upgraded: Wednesday, June 10 2015 6:22 PM EDT2015-06-10 22:22:55 GMT

NORTH MIAMI, Fla.– North Miami Senior High School’s principal has been eliminated from his position after he required to social media to voice his opinion on an authorities debate in Texas including an officer who was caught on video pushing a black adolescent girl to the ground outside a pool party and brandishing his gun at other teens.

NORTH MIAMI, Fla.– North Miami Senior High School’s principal has been gotten rid of from his position after he required to social networks to voice his opinion on an authorities debate in Texas including an officer who was captured on video pressing a black teenage woman to the ground outside a pool celebration and displaying his weapon at other teenagers.

Guy escapes after contending officers
Man leaves after contending officers

Updated: Wednesday, June 10 2015 5:46 PM EDT2015-06-10 21:46:02 GMT

MIAMI– Cops are currently looking for a 19-year-old guy who, they said, is believed of shooting at two officers.

MIAMI– Authorities are presently looking for a 19-year-old man who, they stated, is thought of shooting at 2 officers.

2 in custody after Coral Gables burglary, 1 at large
2 in custody after Coral Gables break-in, 1 at huge

Updated: Wednesday, June 10 2015 5:26 PM EDT2015-06-10 21:26:35 GMT

CORAL GABLES, Fla.– Authorities have actually apprehended two men and are looking for a third after, they said, they broke into a Coral Gables house while a family was sleeping inside.

CORAL GABLES, Fla.– Police have jailed two guys and are looking for a third after, they said, they broke into a Coral Gables home while a family was sleeping within.

Tractor trailer jackknifed on I-595 ramp; no injuries
Tractor trailer jackknifed on I-595 ramp; no injuries

Upgraded: Wednesday, June 10 2015 5:18 PM EDT2015-06-10 21:18:57 GMT

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.– A tanker truck has jackknifed on an eastbound ramp on Interstate 595 Wednesday afternoon, authorities stated.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.– A tanker truck has actually jackknifed on an eastbound ramp on Interstate 595 Wednesday afternoon, officials stated.

Ohio family missing out on after man found dead inside Miami motel room
Ohio family missing out on after guy found dead inside Miami motel room

Upgraded: Wednesday, June 10 2015 4:09 PM EDT2015-06-10 20:09:00 GMT

MIAMI– Cops are looking for a family of 3 checking out South Florida from Ohio, consisting of a 7-year-old lady, who, they said, disappeared without a trace, and the examination into their disappearance apparently involves a guy found dead at the Miami motel where they had actually been staying.

MIAMI– Cops are searching for a household of 3 checking out South Florida from Ohio, consisting of a 7-year-old girl, who, they said, disappeared without a trace, and the investigation into their disappearance supposedly includes a guy discovered dead at the Miami motel where they had been remaining.

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Products That Might Secure You When Riding in the evening

Nighttime riding is a lot more unsafe than daytime trips due to the evident trouble of being seen by motorists of other cars. Add in aspects such as glare from headlights, wet roads, inexperienced motorists, sidetracked drivers, drivers tired after a long day at work and crowded roads and the threat multiplies. If you ride after dark, you know you should use reflective clothes, helmets and devices. Regrettably, most of us choose not to do this.
Just just recently, I found a reflective spray item called Albedo100. While I have not yet tried it, it appears like a fantastic item that I thought was worth sharing. Albedo100 is a series of four various sprays for different uses. One spray is said to be a “long-term light-reflective spray, appropriate for applying to metal, wood, concrete and plastic.” A 2nd spray is colorless and unnoticeable. It reflects light and is suitable for putting on clothing. It is non-permanent and disappears when cleaned. You can spray it on your gear and it’s unnoticeable by daylight however reflective at night. A 3rd spray has a pale gray color and is light reflective and utilized on sneakers or such. It also disappears when washed. The fourth product is a “semi-transparent light reflective spray for putting on fur.” It may be unnoticeable on some animals as well as disappears when washed. Volvo automobiles has a brief video of an item that they call “Lifepaint”. It is a safety advertisement recorded in London, England and concentrates on bicyclists riding on very busy roadways at night. The ad is selling security and utilizes the Albedo100 item to do so.
Numerous of my clients were innocently riding, adhering to all laws and wearing appropriate authorized safety equipment, however have actually been struck by careless motorists who didn’t see them. Recently, a client of mine was riding his bike to the store and proceeded through a green light when another motorist turned left at the crossway striking him on his leg. His leg was shattered, and while it is is recovery now, it will certainly permanently be one inch shorter than his other leg. My customer was completely compliant with the law however the other motorist, for unidentified factors, didn’t see him. This is an ideal example of why riders have to go above and beyond to make themselves noticeable.
I am uncertain these products are readily available in the US at this time. I checked Amazon and the item is listed however is presently “not available.” It does appear to be something we all should check out. I also have not found information on the safety of these products and advise you research study prior to making use of, however, anything that saves a life, which could be your own, deserves examining.

New york city City Chooses PCIS ClaimsVISION for Workers' ' Payment Claims Administration

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– From the general public Risk Management Association Annual Conference, P&C Insurance Systems, Inc. (PCIS), a tested and trusted service provider of policy administration and declares options, today revealed that the largest U.S. city, The City of New york city (New York City), is carrying out PCIS’ ClaimsVISION ®. The system will be used by the city’s Law Department to manage and supervise employees’ compensation claims for more than 200,000 New York City workers across 42 city departments.

NYC’s claims administration operation handled by the Law Department consists of more than 100 users, and numerous user interfaces with city departments in addition to with third party suppliers. In order to update the complex operation, NYC aims to move from the obsolete tradition environment consisted of multiple systems and to automate its existing manual procedures required to handle the day-to-day claims.

ClaimsVISION was opted to enable New York City to accomplish its objectives of enhancing consumption and supplying initial reporting at the department level, while likewise improving and bringing new levels of performance to compliance. New York City will certainly leverage PCIS’ innovative No Touch FROI SROI EDI solution to totally automate reporting to New York State. NYC plannings to minimize the time from incident of an employee occurrence to review of a case by 75 %.

PCIS’ ClaimsVISION is being deployed via a Software application as a Service (SaaS) model with the implementation project scope needing the full migration of over 25 years of information, including over 450,000 claims and over 1 million documents

“There is a good deal of complexity when handling an operation the size of New York City with such a a great deal of employees and such an array of cases. We are excited that New York City has actually chosen PCIS and our ClaimsVISION solution and anticipate working with the Law Department to bring more efficiency to our incredible city,” noted Georgette Loizou, PCIS Executive Vice President.

ABOUT The New york city City Law Department

New york city City Law Department’s around 730 lawyers and 690 support specialists work collaboratively to pursue justice while offering the City with the highest quality legal representation. The Law Department represents the City, the Mayor, other chosen authorities, and the City’s many agencies in all affirmative and defensive civil litigation as well as juvenile delinquency procedures generated Family Court and Administrative Code enforcement procedures generated Criminal Court.

The City is a self-insurer of its employees’ compensation obligations referring to all covered City workers. Most City workers are covered for workers’ compensation (with the exception of uniformed law enforcement agent, firemens, and uniformed cleanliness employees). Also included are non-pedagogical workers of the Department of Education and all staff members of the Health and Hospitals Corporation and the City University. The City administers the claims of all covered staff members who are hurt on the task or incur an occupational disease. The City makes every effort to offer workers with all the medical and wage replacement advantages to which they are entitled, while objecting to and, if essential, litigating unwarranted claims.

About PCIS

For over 35 years, PCIS has teamed with our equipment and casualty insurance coverage clients to establish quickly incorporated, knowledge-infused solutions. With thorough expertise of innovation and real-world business requirements, PCIS comprehends the challenges of insurance coverage providers, self insureds and third party administrators.

For more information about collaborating, visit

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